Black and Grey hair standing 5'9" and weighing just over 100 lbs. Very lithe and sleek.


Short version:
Clan came to Sword Coast (Baldur’s Gate) to be merchants. She was born here.

When she was eight she was on a caravan trip between Baldur’s gate and Waterdeep caravan was attacked and her 4 sisters were taken:
Velvet Button “Button”: 10yrs – Brindle Black fur (Black with brown flecks)
Bright Snowflake “Snowflake”: 7yrs – White with Yellow fur.
Sunshine at Night “Sunshine”: 4 yrs older – Black and yellow fur.
Cloudy Sky “Cloud”: 1 yr older – Grey and white fur.
She ran away.

Went back to Waterdeep and became an orphan. Learned hard lessons and always kept an ear out for word of her sisters.

One day got word that someone had seen another Tabaxi in the Underdark working as a slave. Gathered her belongings and went to investigate.

Had some luck with thieves and was shown the way to access the passages of the underdark. Eventually was captured by Drow.
Long Version – See Fraya’s Story


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